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4. Studio Servitu’s Nick Kushner Blood Art Exhibit
marym-thumbStudio Servitu definitely left its mark on the party and art scene last year…and on a few fetishy femmes’ behinds too, surely. We saw playful spanking going down at a few fetes here, as well as other dark and sexy prancing and posing, the latter at photo and modeling workshops and Dr. Sketchy Drawing Classes. But it’s blood artist Nick Kushner’s opening that makes the top parties of the year. Vampy looks, amazing art and Marilyn Manson spontaneously played his entire new record for the black-clad crowd… twice!


5. Poptart Grand Opening

DSC_2618-thumbLA PoptArt has no association with frosted breakfast fave, but Phyliss Navidad’s new gallery did bring plenty of fruity flavor to K Town. It debuted with “Your Face Here” the opening night show from photographer Austin Young, which featured bare walls and a photo booth setup in which patrons picked a spot on the wall, then got glammed up and shot. The closing party was also the big reveal. Curated by Lenora Claire and packed with the city’s most flamboyant and foxy gay and straight crowds, the party popped in more ways than one.


6. Kandyland at Playboy Mansion with Paul Oakenfold

DSC_0143-thumbLike Willy Wonka Gone Wild, this annual sweet- and beat-filled fete is pretty fantastical…and freaky. We’ve been to a couple of ‘em, but the eye candy this year seemed less trashy and more crafty, with human cupcakes, treat-themed ta-ta looks and Katy Perry-ish party girls adding a poptastic flair to the usual bimbo bunches. Paul Oakenfold may or may not be a douchey DJ, but he did a great job getting gals to shake their cookies at this one, regardless.


7. Egyptian Lover Party at Freak City

nightranger-egyptian-lover-arabian-prince-freak-city.We didn’t declare Freak City the best place to get your freak on in our Best Of L.A. issue for nothing. There were sooo many off the hook haps here in 2011. We didn’t make all of them, but we did find ourselves hobbling in heels in the alley behind Antenna store on Hollywood Blvd. quite a bit. The most bumping in our book was when Egyptian Lover took the stage and pulled out his little friend: the 808 machine.


8. T-Mobile Sidekick Party with The Strokes

nightranger-lady-miss-kier-and-the-strokesLet’s get real here: the only people who hate on mega-bucks corporate-sponsored bashes are those who don’t get invites. Free drink and food, swag bags and intimate performances by huge music acts make ‘em extremely hot tickets. Cell phone companies seem to throw the best, but video games and a few mags do some doozies too, and often Bolthouse Productions is behind the ample amusements. We are lucky enough to get to go thesegluttonous affairs – some memorable ones included Call of Duty’s biggie with Kanye West and Google Music’s grinder with Maroon 5 at Mr. Brainwash’s gallery on La Brea. But we gotta give it to T-Mobile Sidekick’s soiree with The Strokes, which turned the old Robinsons/May building in the 90210 into a cavernous party palace with a light-up dance floor and stuff to do everywhere you looked (lazer tag, karaoke booths, video games, etc.). The best part? Despite the bash being the week after Coachella (which they played), The Strokes didn’t phone it in.


10. What Cheer?

nightranger-sunset-un-junction-partiesFor Sunset Junctioners, 2012 was either a year of tragedy or triumph depending on what side you were on. Yes, this was the first year that the much-maligned street fair in Silver Lake did not happen. Questions and controversies about the funding fiasco behind it remain, but only time will tell what’s going to happen next year. At least some raging parties took its place. The best? Anthony Giancola’s weekend of What Cheer? “Conjuxion” bashes at the Holding Company space in Silver Lake-adjacent Westlake. Great local bands (many who were slated to play SJ), DJs and a hip crowd happy to show off the neo-hippie/hillbilly looks that had planned for the streets.

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